Collaborate or Compete?

Collaborate or Compete ?


In a fast emerging Malaysian Market for Leadership Consulting and Mentoring,Collaboration is the name of the game.


SDG International Pte Ltd signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Amanie Academy,a member of the leading International Shariah Consulting Group with Head Office in Kuala Lumpur to Collaborate in the Business Development of the S E Asian and Middle Eastern Markets which are estimated to be valued at US$800 Million.


"SDG 's depth in the design and delivery of Human Capital Consulting Services particularly in Leadership for Sales and Service Organizations,complement very well with Amanie Academy's mission to expand its Digital Technology Business in Universal Learning called SOUL.In short,SOUL simply means-

'Sucess-Oriented Universal Learnings," said Puan Yasmin Yusof,the CEO of Amanie Academy at the MOU signing ceremony this evening at its office in the KLCC area.


"This is not the time for Medium-sized firms to compete and waste the country's resources.Instead through Collaboration,we will enhance output and raise productivity if the Partnership is carefully calibrated and executed !" said Tengku Indra,the Chief Mentor Officer of SDG International,an International Leadership Consulting firm based in Singapore with operations in Malaysia,Indonesia,Brunei and Saudi Arabia.SDG specializes in "FORTUNE 500" Mentoring,Coaching and Training of Managers and Professionals from mid to C-Suite level in the field of Leadership for Business and Organizations.


Picture : Left : Puan Yasmin Yusof,CEO of Amanie Academy 

and Right Tengku Indra,Chief Mentor Officer of 

SDG International Pte Ltd at the MOU signing ceremony.


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