CEO Superior Network

an exclusive high value network of peers for peers

About CEO Superior Network

CEO Superior Network International is an exclusive high value network of peers for peers. To-date it has the support and membership of more than 50 CEOs, with the number growing on a daily basis. Initiated and established by Zaffra Innovators and Leaders Pte Ltd last May 2016 with an initial paid up capital of $50,000, the grouping aims to add value by enlarging members’ circle of strategic contacts and to pave the way forward for more talents to be successful CEOs and highly skilled professionals. Our aim is to have 500 CEOs by end 2016 and to go regional/global.

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Inspired World,
Enlightened Leaders


To be the global forerunner in transforming highly value achievers into Thought Leaders and Visionaries by harnessing the uncommon knowledge and maximizing the superior network.


Non Ducor. Duco 
(I am not led. I lead)


Our 6-point broad strokes objectives are as follows:

To create a global reach connection of distinguished industry captains and thought leaders
To enable the sharing of ‘Success-Path for CEO-Aspirants’ as our proprietary formula in developing more success stories
To be a think tank body that can offer roundtable solutions
To be a platform for ideas, innovations and breakthroughs in the new economy
To produce more innovative champions through strategies such as “mentor and mentee” programme
To provide peak performance support as well as to facilitate further business and professional advancement


There is no application as membership is extended by way of invitation only. Current members can nominate or prospective members can express its intention to be invited and the Selection Committee will decide. To be a member, one needs to:

Show proof of designation (CEO or equivalent)
Running a business that exceeded USD1m in annual revenue or if employed, earn a salary exceeding USD200,000 per annum
Be in the industry or management position for at least 15 years
There is an Annual Membership Subscription of (AMS) of USD1000 for services rendered. Accepted members can use the post-nominal title of CEOM.


As a membership-based grouping, the activities are designed to empower and to enhance members’ profile, business/career advancement, knowledge, contacts and desire to contribute back to society. Our activities are divided into 3 broad categories -

Event Based
(eg power lunches, BEC Talks, networking sessions etc),

Education Based
(eg strategic collaborations/partnership with institutions)

(eg awards, recreation, incentives etc).


Our network is supported by a Secretariat headed by Mr Fahmi Rais.
He can be reached via mobile 88287826 or email

We are currently based at Guthrie Building, 150 Changi Road #04-07 Singapore 419973.

Note: CEO Superior Networks International, Professional Global Fellowships and Graduates Guild are initiatives of Zaffra Innovators & Leaders Pte Ltd.